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A Better Duster

I was pretty unhappy with my small dust extractor, because he just did not suck enough. Dust. The issue is not just the small opening at the tip, it never is, but the many small diameter of the connected hose. I replaced the thin 14mm hose it with a proper one with 32mm inner diameter.…
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No More Backlash

After milling my spoilboard, I noticed that the 10mm holes were just 9.7mm, which is a pain in the butt because I planned to put 10mm dowels in there. After checking all axes, I felt considerable backlash in all of them. After cursing, because there are just a few dozen hours on the machine, I…
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The First Spoilboard

I decided to get an aluminium T-slot table, since it seems the perfect way to mount the spoil board and to enhance the stiffness of the whole router. There seem to be at least two options for my StepCraft 600: the original accessory https://shop.stepcraft-systems.com/t-slots-aluminium-table-600 and the beefier https://www.sorotec.de/shop/T-slot-plate-for-Stepcraft-600-6794.html, which is 3mm thicker, and has less…
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A low profile dust extractor for my StepCraft

The original dust extractor that can be added to the proxxon motor works nicely, all aluminum and stuff, but the exhaust can limit the movement of the X axis, which happened to me when I was trying to mill a MDF spoil board as large a possible, which force me to manually follow the mill…
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First Project Online

My apartment-friendly CNC enclosure for my StepCraft 600 called the “SteppiBox” is nearing completion. Have look at the build description.